Corering: an alt-cultured artist webring

What is Corering?

Corering is a webring for "alternative culture" related artists, whether you do music like I do or cool edits and other art. You can join this webring.
This webring is powered by garlic.garden's onionring.js script

What's a webring though?

As garlic.garden described it:

"Imagine yourself and a bunch of friends or people you share an interest with, in a circle, all holding hands. everyone's left hand links them to the previous person in the circle, and everyone's right hand links them to the next person. now imagine that you're a website, and your hands are hyperlinks. that's a webring! and if you click 'next' on every site, you'll eventually get back to where you started."

How do i join Corering?

Hit me up on my Neocities profile with a link to your website (needs atleast 4 pages with content), while i approve your website you can add this code snippet on your page(s):

and this one in your head tags section if you want the same style i guess