TabbyAds - a new NeoAds alternative.

Free for the host, free for the advertiser.

NeoLink isn't maintained/updated anymore. This will because you can bother me in my own discord.

Want to sponsor other Neocities sites? Embed the following code:

Square 1:1 (300x300)

Live look:

How do you advertise your website with TabbyAds?

It's simple! All you have to do is create an image advertising your Neocities website.

  • 300x300 (or greater with 1:1 ratio) for a square ad

Upload it to your neocities and post a comment in discord, providing a link to the image and a link to your site. That's it!
If you can't use discord at all, shoot me an e-mail at webmaster[at]

Disclaimer: TabbyAds is not affiliated with Neocities, but is a service created for that platform.